Shenice Jane Morgan

Stylist | Technician

Learn more about Shenice-Jane – Quality Stylist & Amazing Colour Tech at The Park Hair Room

Shenice has been in hairdressing for just over 7 years now. She has been training whilst working to gain as much experience as possible and as a result of this, she is now fully qualified as a graduate stylist and gained her NVQ Level 3, learning more and more each day from Chantel and the team.

Shenice joined us from another independent Chorley based salon, she was never given any opportunities to gain a client list for herself, which we are astounded of this, as her relationship with her clients is brilliant.

Unbelievably it was more assisting with elderly clients, cleaning up and helping the director with the odd client.

A decision to move on was quite tough due to being introduced to retail hairdressing by her ex employer.
Shenice’s mannerism is so respectful, polite and pleasant, so this was a little awkward, but she felt that because her qualifications had almost been completed, the daily job training at her previous salon wasn’t showing beneficial for progressing within the industry and for where she wanted to base her future.

However, after some reassurance of being able to learn more skills development and training, she came to The Park Hair Room to join Chantel and the team, now Shenice has gained a lot more confidence, more modern techniques and most importantly her own clients!

One thing that we can say about Shenice, her technique for hair colouring is of the highest standard that we’ve known throughout Chorley & surrounding areas, so if you fancy a change or have already experienced and want to rebook, then take advantage of the great offers that we have from week to week.

As a senior stylist, her prices do offer an alternative to a director, so you’d be crazy to not take advantage!

For more information, booking availability or consultation(s), please contact the team on 01257 543101, message us via our Facebook page or email

See you soon xx